Indication Géographique Protégée

The Languedoc region has an impressive history that has left it with an exceptional heritage and many UNESCO classified sites. The City of Carcassone alone has two: the medieval citadel and the Canal du Midi. Sometimes, when a place so steeped in history lives alongside a wine culture, it bestows its name upon it – and this is the case here with the IGP Cité de Carcassonne. Renowned throughout the world, it was only natural for the winemakers to baptize their wines by the same name. Vines surround the city and their wines are its very special ambassadors.

Situated to the west of the Languedoc and Aude départements, the hillside slopes encircle and enclose the City of Carcassonne to a 20km (12 miles) radius. The climate of the vineyards benefits from two interchanging winds: the warm and humid Marin which blows off the Mediterranean, and the tempering, drier Cers wind, which blows in from the Atlantic. This perfect harmony helps produce wines that are fresh, fruity, elegant and typical of the terroir.