Groupe 65

Liberated rather than blended!
Les Affranchis is a range of free-spirited, single varietal wines with no oak ageing resulting in the purest possible expression of the Languedoc terroirs. Perfect for good food and wine lovers, these high-quality and easy-to-drink wines will surprise you with their honesty and simplicity.

chenin blanc 2019

L’Ors Gorjalis

100% Chenin Blanc

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Sanqueta del Papet

100% Cinsault

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Les Affranchis is a range of PURE-BRED single varietal wines that promise you a journey of discovery through their very special land in the heart of the Languedoc’s finest terroirs. The range includes Cru classified terroirs such as la Livinière (Languedoc 1er Cru status awarded in 1999) which is used to produce the “Sanqueta del papet”, a 100% Cinsault red wine, and the “L’Ors Gorjalis” (Greedy Bear), a 100% Chenin Blanc from the Limoux high land.
These varietals, which are often blended either out of habit or in line with appellation specifications, have finally been set free!
Prior to its “liberation”, the Chenin Blanc was vinified in oak barrels and then blended with Chardonnay in order to be eligible for AOP Limoux status. It is also sometimes vinified as a base wine for the production of Crémants or Blanquettes. As for the Cinsault, never has there been a better time for this varietal which has, for far too long, been treated as a “white” varietal and ended up in rosés!