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It is indeed possible to like Champagne but also love Blanquette!
All our sparkling wines are aged on their lees for at least two years to impart elegance and finesse. Our wines are BRUT NATURE which indicates no more than 3g of sugar per litre. All our bottles carry the statement ZERO DOSAGE, meaning that we do not add any sugar to our “liqueurs d’expédition“.


Zéro dosage


A la volée

On the doorstep of the Upper Aude Valley, there’s no thought of bragging, just a feeling of having come a long way and of having finally made it. There is no longer any doubt, it is written in black and white, in Old French, in a document dating back to 1544: The first-ever historical reference to sparkling wine was right here in Limoux. The Blanquettes made by the Benedictine monks of Saint Hilaire inspired other monks and the Benedictines further north in France to produce their own versions.
This 500-year-old sparkling wine celebrated the 80th anniversary of its AOP status in 2018. It is one of France’s first appellations and the oldest in the Languedoc region. Blanquette has however seen its production overtaken by a much more recent competitor, its little brother, the Crémant de Limoux, which did not obtain appellation status until 1990.
Blanquette and Crémant are very different in style. The former is soft and fruity whereas the latter is delicate and elegant. Blanquette is made using traditional methods, most often as a Brut, and is composed of 90% Mauzac and 10% Chardonnay and/or Chenin Blanc. It is aged “sur lattes” for at least 9 months. The Crémant de Limoux is also made using the traditional methods, but is composed of predominantly Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc blended with Mauzac and Pinot Noir. The Crémants are aged “sur lattes” for at least 12 months.