The selection

The choice of terroir and plot is a fundamental part of the process. It relies not only on technical skills, but also on strong human relationships. The trust between Pierre and the wine grower plays a key role throughout the winemaking process. Together they select the plots of vines that will go on to make the divine nectars that Pierre has imagined in accordance with his principals and convictions.

He and the winemaker then work together to decide the most natural vinification methods capable of capturing the true essence of the fruit and creating characterful wines, fully expressive of their personality and able to bestow immediate pleasure. With this in mind, Pierre explores dozens of domaines in search of rare wines.


The blend

The art of blending different cuvées that have been vinified separately, either according to their variety or their vineyard plot, requires real expertise. It involves blending and combining the different cuvées and skillfully adjusting the proportions so that they best complement each other. The freshness of one variety will balance the power of another, or the concentration of one cuvée might be softened by another’s elegance.

The key is to look to the future and anticipate what the years might bring, all the while respecting the particular characteristics of each vintage, the grape varieties, the local appellation and the terroir. It is during this delicate stage that the wine finds its own identity. Pierre’s signature is a guarantee to this.

The maturation

The decision as to whether or not to use oak is a determining one in the life of a wine. Maturation allows a wine to age, gain in complexity of aromas and structure, and sets its colour. During this period, the skill of the winemaker comes into its own, as frequent intervention is required throughout the complex process to ensure optimal extraction.

Oak allows a controlled oxygenation of the wine through the pores of the wood. This helps stabilize the wine, but also imparts aromas. There is no firm rule for maturation: it depends entirely on the grape variety, vintage, and above all the intended style of the wine.